Centralised Electricity Savers for Conventional Lighting Load including LED

The ES~25 Energy Saver is an advanced device designed to save energy in conventional lighting systems, including LED lights. It is installed in series with the mains or sub lighting panel to minimize energy wastage and reduce electricity bills by up to 30%.

This energy-saving equipment operates on the principle of voltage and current optimization, effectively reducing wasteful energy consumption and harmonics. As a result, it improves power quality and helps decrease demand charges.

The Street Light Energy Saver is a renowned solution that has received awards. It utilizes an automatic thyristor-controlled system to adjust the source voltage, lighting ignition level, street light control, and time-based switching mode. By employing this system, maximum benefits can be achieved in terms of energy conservation.

The Street Light Energy Saver system employs a low-loss, high-efficiency impedance matching system, without the need for removing or replacing existing circuits. It includes user-friendly features such as onload bypass, short circuit protection, and IoT monitoring capabilities.

Solution offered

  • Energy savings with a payback period as short as 18 months.
  • Enhances the lifespan of luminaries, reduces heat in chokes/drivers, and requires minimal maintenance with a lifespan of over 20 years.
  • The system provides complete automation with features such as voltage optimization, harmonics suppression, and power factor improvement.
  • This solution is environmentally friendly and reduces light consumption by approximately 50%.
  • Offers web-based and app monitoring and control functionalities, enabling further energy savings of up to 10%.

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