GPRS & GSM Based ESEI-SMC Smart Motor Controller

The ESEI-SMC is an intelligent pump controller that utilizes GSM technology, allowing users to remotely monitor and operate their pump set or electronic motor using a mobile phone. It also provides monitoring, control, and protection in case of abnormal conditions at the site or with the pump/motor.

Key Features

  • Simple installation process
  • Suitable for motors up to 20 HP
  • Measurement and display of voltage (phase-to-phase), current, power factor, active power, and percentage of unbalance on a 7-segment display
  • Remote access: Start/stop the motor/pump set from any location using a mobile phone
  • Built-in manual start/stop feature
  • IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) for controlling the motor/pump set in the field
  • Field-settable full load current
  • Real-time SMS alerts for motor operation status and abnormal motor conditions
  • LED indicators for motor on/off, operation mode, network strength, and fault status
  • Ensures motor/starter safety by automatically detecting and protecting against abnormal conditions
  • Location of the panel can be determined, and the ESEI-SMC can be installed on the user’s mobile phone
  • User registration using SMS Advantages


  • Start/stop the motor from a remote location using a mobile phone
  • SMS alerts for power availability
  • SMS alerts for pump/motor operation
  • Continuous monitoring through GPRS/GPS
  • Saves electricity, water, money, time, and labor

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