Smart Energy Radar

Smart Energy Radar is an advanced technology that enables the control and monitoring of electrical parameters and time event settings through user-friendly software, mobile apps, and web services.

Key Features

  • Easy Software and Mobile App: The Smart Energy Radar system provides intuitive software and mobile applications for convenient access and control of energy monitoring and management functions.
  • Intelligent Control: The system incorporates intelligent control capabilities, allowing users to optimize energy usage and efficiency based on real-time data and analysis.
  • Smart Offline Mode: The Smart Energy Radar supports an offline mode, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring and control even when the connection to the network is temporarily lost.
  • Graphical Dashboard: The system offers a graphical dashboard that provides a visual representation of energy consumption patterns, enabling users to easily track and analyze energy usage.
  • Remote Monitoring: With remote monitoring capabilities, users can access and monitor energyrelated data and parameters from any location using the web or mobile apps.
  • Monthly Reports on Energy Consumption: The Smart Energy Radar generates monthly reports that provide detailed insights into energy consumption patterns, helping users identify trends, set targets, and make informed decisions for energy optimization. Applications: The Smart Energy Radar system finds applications in various settings, including:
  • ATMs: Monitoring and controlling the energy consumption of ATM machines to ensure efficient operation and reduce energy waste. ▪ Street Lighting: Managing and optimizing energy usage for street lighting systems, enabling cost savings and increased sustainability.
  • Airport Lighting: Controlling and monitoring lighting systems at airports to ensure efficient energy usage and maintenance.
  • Parking Lighting: Managing energy consumption for parking lot lighting, allowing for better control and reduced energy costs.
  • Motor Control and Equipment Switching: Enabling efficient control and monitoring of motors and other equipment, optimizing energy usage and improving operational efficiency. In summary, the Smart Energy Radar offers an advanced solution for smart energy metering, providing easy-to-use software, mobile apps, intelligent control, remote monitoring, and graphical visualization of energy consumption. It has various applications in sectors such as ATMs, street lighting, airports, parking lots, and equipment control.

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