Smart Power Optimizer

SmartPO is an AI-based power optimizer that aims to deliver the most optimal load curve at the distribution point. It achieves this by varying the power parameters at an optimal level to meet operational requirements and eliminate losses.

Key features and benefits of SmartPO include:

  • Combination of machine learning (ML), embedded artificial intelligence (AI), and impedance matching technology.
  • Transfer of maximum power from source to load by matching load resistance to the internal resistance of the source.
  • State-of-the-art control systems with monitoring, measuring, and reporting techniques.
  • Calibration according to the electrical equipment and load profile of the client.
  • Considerable energy savings, enhanced operational safety, and extended service life for both the system and connected equipment.
  • Improves overall power quality by addressing factors such as high harmonics and low power factor (PF).
  • Contributes to conserving energy, improving equipment lifespan, and uncovering additional capacity.

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